Monday, July 9, 2007

Logo Design: Two Brothers Canoe

I recently designed a logo for Two Brothers Canoe, a small company based in Garfield, Arkansas that manufactures and sells royalex canoes. Their request was pretty basic: the logo design should be fun, funky and earthy. Having looked at their old logo, I began working on the idea of making it more dynamic.

Of course, the canoe would still be there, but this time, I had to draw in the "two brothers" steering the boat against the currents. I retained the sun from the old logo (with very much the same style). Having the main concept in sketch form, I began work in finalizing it into an inked design in my sketchbook. To achieve the earthy feel for the logo, I utilized a woodcut effect on the illustration. As soon as the illustration was ready, it was scanned and vectorized.

With the illustration ready and framed within an oval similar to the old logo, appropriate text were added in.

And then colors for the final design:

I aimed for a design that still connects with the old logo... in as much that you can say that the new logo is a direct evolution - a much energized version but with that classic country adventure feel.

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